Why Is A Listing Marked Reserved On Poshmark?

Why Is A Listing Marked Reserved On Poshmark

On Poshmark, a reserved item means a certain product has been kept aside for a certain customer. The seller often does this at the buyer’s request. The buyer wants to hold the item to finalize the purchase for a while. 

The reserved mark is not permanent. It lasts for 24 hours, or the duration agreed between buyers and sellers. The listing will only be served if the product is purchased within the time. The decision can be taken in private messages or comments. It leads to smoother transactions, honors buyers, and provides extra facilities.

Why Is A Listing Marked Reserved On Poshmark? (In-Depth Answer)

The reservation facility has been given for various reasons. One of the primary reasons is pretending transactions. This often happens when both have accepted the deal, but the transaction is still pending, and the seller marked reserved to keep aside. Sometimes, buyers want to purchase the product. But for various reasons like financial problems, special occasions, or other deals, buyers want extra time.

Sometimes, buyers and sellers discuss customization about an item. The seller marked the product as reserved as buyers accepted the deal during this time. Often, buyers like a product but need specific time for necessary arrangements. Sometimes, the delivery time or place can only be matched by one, so sellers keep the product aside to wait for an ideal time.

How to Manually Reserve an Item

On the Poshmark platform, marking a product as reserved is too easy. First, make strong communication with buyers. Fix the deal, term, and duration correctly with buyers through private messages.

Log into your Poshmark account. Then, select the item chosen by buyers. Click on the edit button placed in the list corner. Now scroll down to its availability and select not for sale. The list will be visible on the website, but other buyers need help to purchase it. Poshmark doesn’t have a direct reservation facility. You can either make a private listing for that product. But the first one is more popular. Either way, you should get help like product photo editing services.

How Long Can An Item Reserve On Poshmark?

Poshmark doesn’t have a direct reservation facility. So, there are no official terms and conditions for reservation duration. The reservation period is an agreement between buyers and sellers. The time can depend on various circumstances and agreements that benefit both.

The time can be a few hours or some days. The facility is not permanent and not a binding commitment. Buyers are not obligated to purchase that item after reservation. So, a seller can easily change settings when she wants, as the website doesn’t have that feature. 

The time and setting are dependent on the seller. So make a strong communication and ensure every detail is mandatory before reservation. 

The Benefits of Using Reserved Listings

Reserved listings offer several benefits to buyers and sellers within the Poshmark community. Let’s explore these advantages in more detail:

For Buyers:

Secure the Desired Item: Reserved listings allow buyers to secure the item they’re interested in without worrying about someone else purchasing it while they make their decision.

Time to Plan: Buyers often appreciate the extra time reserved listings provide. They can plan their purchase around paydays, special occasions, or upcoming events.

Negotiation and Communication: If buyers want to negotiate the price or discuss any terms with the seller, the reserved status ensures that the item remains available for those discussions.

Avoid Missing Out: Reserved listings help buyers avoid the disappointment of missing out on a coveted item, especially if it’s unique or in high demand.

For Sellers:

Facilitates Communication: The reserved status encourages direct communication between buyers and sellers. This interaction can lead to better understanding and a smoother transaction process.

Customized Offers: Sellers can use reserved listings to tailor offers to specific buyers, such as bundling multiple items or providing special discounts.

Builds Relationships: When sellers accommodate a buyer’s request for a reservation, it can foster a positive relationship, potentially leading to repeat business or positive reviews.

Reduces Relisting: By reserving items for interested buyers, sellers reduce the need to relist items that potential purchasers might have missed.

The Etiquette of Reserved Listings

While reserved listings offer advantages, following proper etiquette is important to ensure a positive experience for all users.

When reserving a listing, sellers should communicate clearly with the interested buyer. Specify the duration of the reservation and any terms associated with it. Honesty and transparency go a long way in building trust within the Poshmark community.

Buyers should also uphold their end of the bargain. If they decide not to proceed with the purchase, they should promptly inform the seller to make the item available to others. Respecting buyers’ and sellers’ time and effort contributes to a respectful and vibrant marketplace.

Reserved Listings and Bundle Deals

Reserved listings are frequently essential in constructing advantageous package deals for both parties.

Bundling many things together might help retailers attract customers searching for a good deal. Sellers can reserve individual items within a bundle for a potential buyer, allowing them to decide on the final combination and price.

On the other hand, buyers can explore more options within a single listing. They can discuss their preferences with the seller and negotiate a bundled price that suits their budget.

The versatility and customizability that Poshmark provides to its customers are highlighted by reserved listings in package deals, making it a useful platform for fashion fans.


Poshmark is one of the most famous online selling platforms. The platform is a blessing for many sellers who need help to afford a store or website. The platform provides many features which are beneficial to both buyers and retailers. 

Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest terms in business. So, understanding buyers’ situations and circumstances is mandatory as they can have various financial or other problems. 

That’s why the reservation facility has been discovered. It helps the buyers to have extra time for the required arrangements. However, discussing every deal, time, and terms is important before marking an item reserve.


You can’t buy a product directly when an item is marked reserved. The item is only selected for a specific buyer. But you can directly message the sellers if you want to buy that. If the product is available or not sold yet, you can buy it. All you have to do is request the seller.

This happens for many reasons. Often, your reserved flag appears on the listing. This happens when selecting the buy now on a listing or entering all the necessary information to complete the purchase. But the time is provided only for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the flag disappears on its own.

Poshmark authority does not publish your listing directly. The review you listed ensures all terms and conditions are followed correctly. Most listings take a minimum of 1 hour to review or even more. You can delete or edit at that time. After reviews, your product will be published and become available for buyers.

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