About Us

A Leading Image Editing Company

Masking Aid Inc is a photo editing creative brand

We are creatives, designers, and professionals for all your photo
editing needs with over a decade of experience in the photography
industry, creating perfect images for brands.

We work together to create and edit work that we are proud of for our clients who trust us with their business. We are available for hire for background removal, photo correction, image editing service, multiple clipping paths, and all other photography editing solutions around the clock.

In 2014, we did something that feels unobtainable. We created a Bangladesh-based young venture with just 2 employees, a round table and two chairs, but the grit and passion was strong. With our determination and expertise, we formed Masking Aid, a diverse start- it-from-scratch creative studio offering cost-effective solutions without compromising deadlines and quality. In the years since, Masking Aid has worked on a wide variety of top projects with some of the most notable people from Central Asia, Australia, Europe and beyond.

about maskingaid
Our Features

Some features of Masking Aid

We strive to keep our work affordable, flawless, perfect, and unique. If you like professionalism with a touch of magic, you are in the right place. Here are the features we use to create quality services;


60+ Expert Editors

10+ Years of Experience Our team is made up of professionals and experts editors to give you the best editing experience. We specialize in the creation of high- quality, top-notch image editing services. With our population, all clients are swiftly attended and our goals achieved; to offer our clients accurate and exact cutouts of their images while ensuring the service meets the standards of the highest standards of quality. We are keen on details and we pride ourselves on being one of Bangladesh’s finest editors.


10+ Years of Experience

You would agree that experience is the best teacher. Our team has years of experience in the industry and we’ve been in the spotlight for over a decade, learning how to satisfy our clients, constantly improving our skills, and making waves in the photo editing service. Ten years later, we are still here, making waves and giving our clients the best and most affordable services.


Unlimited Revision

Our clients (you) are our top priority and we are business because of your business needs. Thus, we do not rest until we have actualized the image you have in your mind and achieve your taste of professionalism. In a case where our client is not satisfied with our image editing, multiple path clipping, or background removal service, we would revise it to the client’s state until perfection is achieved. However, there will be no need for multiple revisions because we have the best hands on deck.


Affordable Price

Our prices are too good to be true. News flash, it is true. Have you ever paid 0.29$ Per high quality Image? You are about to start now. This low cost is what we charge our clients for top quality services and you can see from our reviews that they are satisfied and happy. Our brand is affordable, cost-effective, and premium.


100% Safe FTP Server

For file sharing, you don’t have to worry about viruses. We use the best FTP servers and ensure it is safe for use.


24/7 Support

We understand the importance of communication as it is one of our business core values. Our customer care is always on the line to help your business transaction process, consultations, and inquiries. We are that reliable.

Why Choose Us

We are a sure bet. No Ifs and buts, because we cross all the T’s and dots the I’s. We deliver swiftly and on time every time.

We are proficient in our quality service, effective communication, and cost-effectiveness. We ensure our clients get the best experience and quality for their money while striving for a long and sustainable customer relationship.

We work round the clock, 365 days a year to ensure our customers are never stranded. With us, you can outsource your business projects during holidays and get efficient results. Our availability is unmatched since we cater to all kinds of clients nationwide, embracing diversity. Our competitive advantages are ;

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