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ghost mannequin effect
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Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

If you have images you would like to use on apparels, magazines, or advertising online, you need our photoshop mannequin effect. The mannequin effect is usually used to create an illusion of an invisible person wearing a dress of cloth. Ghost mannequin effect service is usually done to remove the mannequin from pictures. As a professional ghost mannequin service provider, we are dedicated to deliver perfect photo manipulation for your online advertising or magazine.

Our service guarantees:

Great Quality

We have used our innovative techniques to provide high quality ghost mannequin effect photos.

24 Hours Delivery

We understand that time is of the essence and that's why we guarantee to have your project completed within 24 hours or less, no matter how big it is!

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We'll refund your payment if we can't complete your project. Though it's never happened before, we've got you covered.
Why Use Background Removal Services?

High Quality Invisible Mannequin Service

Masking Aid has you covered if you need a professional grade invisible mannequin effect. With the help of our professional Photoshop ghost mannequin effect editors, we guarantee that every important aspect of your products will be photographed accurately. If you want high-quality images for your online presence at a price you can afford, consider using our services. We offer a professional neck joint service and can assist you in creating the appropriate picture manipulations for your clothing. We guarantee a clear and beautiful final product when using our services, great for sharing.

ghost mannequin

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ghost mannequin effect

What is Ghost Mannequin Effect Service?

ghost mannequin effect service

Ghost mannequin effect is an effect that is used to show a transparent image or a person that is frozen in time moving around exploring the product. If you have a business selling apparel products like T-shirts, sweatshirts, skirts, tops, leather jackets, etc. then there is one undeniable fact. People are always interested in seeing how their clothes will look on them. This is very important because it gives a view of the product from all angles. This is why the ghost mannequin effect is the best way to show the fit of the product. This helps the buyer understand the product better and it also helps you reach your potential customers. Masking Aid is here to provide you the top-quality photoshop ghost mannequin effect services.

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Different Types of Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

There are different types of ghost mannequin effect services that can help you make amazing photos for websites, social media, and other digital platforms.

Starts From - $2.99

Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint

Although this is an important post-processing services, it is also included in the ghost mannequin effect service. There are hundreds of online services that offer ghost mannequin services, but you always must be keen what is being offered. Neck joint service requires outstanding expertise to guarantee better outcomes. With the neck joint photo editing process, the expert deals with the external and internal parts of the photographs. This allows them to cut away the visible areas of the neck part. When clothing product photos are taken with real humans or models, they need the neck joint service to give them a perfect look.

Starts From - $1.99

Ghost Mannequin Bottom Joint

When you have apparel product images with complex bottom parts, like socks, underwear, bikinis, and pants, you need the bottom joint service. As the best ghost mannequin service provider, we are always dedicated to deliver quality results. If the photos include a mannequin body, it needs to be removed properly to create a perfect effect for the ghost mannequin.  At Masking Aid, we have professional editors who can deliver quality photos using the Ghost Mannequin Bottom Joint service. We will ensure that the bottom is joined with the ghost mannequin effect for amazing results.

Starts From - $2.49

Ghost Mannequin Sleeves Joint

Whether it is a full sleeve or short sleeve, our ghost mannequin sleeves joint ensures that you get the perfect results. The sleeves joint ghost mannequin effect service ensures that all ghost mannequin operations. The sleeves usually include the complex parts of the mannequin body that requires professional removal. Our affordable ghost mannequin service ensures that you get the best results for your web and social media images.

Starts From - $2.49

Gown Joint in Ghost Mannequin

This type of ghost mannequin services is ideal for gown sellers. With our affordable ghost mannequin service, we will ensure that all aspects of your product catalog photos are impressive. The gown joint in ghost mannequin is vital in ensuring that that you offer amazing services. With special effects in product photographs, it will be easier to attract customers.

Starts From - $2.49

T-Shirt Ghost Mannequin Service

Many ecommerce brands are selling custom merchandise and t-shirts across the world. To make your t-shirt product photos perfect for your website, you need the t-shirt ghost mannequin effect service. This type of service ensures that you get the perfect outlook for your ecommerce website or Amazon listing. Professional ghost mannequin service provider at Masking Aid will ensure that everything about your business is handled perfectly.

Starts From - $2.49

Ghost Mannequin Color Correction

When editing photos for your website, you need something perfect and outstanding for your business. Our best ghost mannequin service covers all important areas, including color correction. We ensure that all elements of your images are perfect and detailed enough to attract customers.


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ghost Mannequin

What is Neck Joint?

The neck joint ghost mannequin service focus on ensuring that the neck areas of apparels are clear. Online retailers utilize this service to ensure that there are perfect product photos for customers. The neck joint service makes clothes look outstanding with ghost mannequins, shadows, and color correction effects.

ghost mannequin effect service

How does the ghost mannequin effect help?

Your product shots will have a futuristic and distinctive style with the help of a ghost mannequin. The ghost mannequin effect provides a 360° look at your product. Furthermore, flawless neck joint service is the finest option if you want to save down on the cost of employing models.

Using the ghost mannequin effect can give your image a more 3D appearance, giving it more vibrancy. You can show off the garment's inner workings, further establishing your product's credibility, and win over customers.

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Who Need Ghost Mannequin Services?

There are several types of businesses that can benefit from ghost mannequin services.

Cloth and Apparel Brands

If you operate a cloth and apparel brand, using ghost mannequin effect services can propel your business. Our quality ghost mannequin service helps you get amazing product images with clear backgrounds, correct colors, and perfect outlook.

Magazines and Fashion Models

If you are a magazine or fashion model, photoshop ghost mannequin service is for you. With the technique, we ensure that photos capture all important details on your image, including correct colors, shadows, and focus.

Social Media Influencers

Operating a successful social media page or handle requires high quality and elaborate photos. With our ghost mannequin effect services, we will ensure that you get the best from every request you make. We are the best ghost mannequin service provider you can always rely on

Fashion Designers

High-quality, attractive and clear images are essential to running a successful Fashion Designer career . When you hire us for your ghost mannequin effect needs, we'll do all in our power to fulfil your every wish. When you need a reliable ghost mannequin service, you can trust on us.

Amazon Sellers

Excellent images including all relevant information are required for your Amazon product catalog. Find the greatest ghost mannequin service to improve your image. Using our ghost mannequin services, we will produce stunning photos while paying particular attention to every detail.

Ecommerce Photos

Our ghost mannequin services are excellent for e-commerce businesses using platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to sell each product to their customers. With our help, you can rest assured that all of your product variants will be represented by high-quality photos. Skirts, T-shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts are all acceptable items for our ghost mannequin services.

Ghost Mannequin effect Services Start At $0.99/Per Image

Our Image Editing Services

How do Our Professionals Do This?

A model that combines the inside and outside is also in use. After the background is removed, a clipping path is added to the outside and inside of the image. The portion loses clarity under these conditions. Because of this, we use Photoshop's editing tools to get a natural look and feel in terms of retouching, color correction, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc.

Why We Are Special?

We are the top provider of ghost mannequin services. You may receive high-quality images using our services at reasonable costs. Here are a few reasons for selecting our reasonable pricing ghost mannequin services:

In order to deliver a ghost mannequin effect service that is both eye-catching and effective, as a post-production firm we have extremely skilled editors.

Nothing will get done late. Regardless of how huge or complex the job is. We can get the job done in a single day.

We offer the product and provide 24/7 customer support. Please contact us by email, phone, or live chat with any service-related inquiries or issues.

We'll provide the thing you want. We provide limitless revisions. We also need to make sure we're helping you and your business. Don't hesitate to ask us anything else!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ghost mannequin effect is an innovative post-production process that allows you to take multiple photos of your product on a model or mannequin. Later, these photos are combined to create a realistic image that focuses on the product. This effect is especially useful for online stores, as it allows customers to see the product from multiple angles.

When you’re trying to find a professional, it can be tricky to know where to look and who will best fit your product’s image. However, Masking Aid has everything you need to meet your specific needs. We’ll help you create values and make sure that your product looks its best.

It depends on things like how complicated the image is, how long it takes to deliver, and how many images there are. In general, we charge just $1.50 per image for the spectral model effect.  For complicated effects, the average price will go up proportionally.

We guarantee the industry’s quickest turnaround, which can be as little as 4 hours. Although it depends on the complexity and number of your image.

We Are Dedicated To Editing Photos In Your Style And Enhancing Perfection.