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Photo Background Removal Service | Image Background Removal Service

Every business needs neat photo backgrounds to lure shoppers into wanting to buy products. It can be challenging to get professional background removal services. An e-commerce business listing on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay needs product photos on white background. With Masking Aid's photoshop background removal service, any business can get amazing photos to use on marketplaces, websites, and social media. With our services, we guarantee

We are the best background removal service available. Our top experts will provide clean images.

Great Quality

We provide 100% handmade photo editing services using Photoshop. So you will get great quality services.

24 Hours Delivery

We always try to deliver your order within 24 hours or less. Also, we provide express delivery like 2 hours.

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If we cannot edit your images, you will get a 100% hassle-free money-back guarantee.
Why Use Background Removal Services?

Quality Background Removal Service is Crucial

Background removal is important because it isolates the subject of a photo and creates a clear background, usually white. After getting professional background removal services, you will have a crisp background based on your preferred color or pattern. For e-commerce brands, using photos with white backgrounds is the norm. Many marketplaces want sellers to edit photos and get a clear background appearance.

There are several platforms where background removal services will give you the best results. These include e-commerce spaces where products are sold online, social media platforms, and personal websites. Our affordable background removal services are also ideal for weddings.

product background removing

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Background Removing Technics

How Do We Remove Image Backgrounds?

product background removal service

As a top background removal service company, we are always dedicated to providing clients with outstanding services. Our image editing service experts use Photoshop to remove backgrounds from images. Here is a brief highlight of the background removal process.

First, you send us your photo or photos you need to remove backgrounds. The image is opened in the layer panel, and the layers are unlocked. After that, we use the properties panel and choose to remove the background under quick actions. After removing the back, use the brush tool to clean any small bits of the background and refine the edges of your image. You can replace the background with another image or pattern you like at this stage.

Need High-Quality Background Removal Services At The Best Price?

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Categories of Image Background Removal and Editing Service

Making Transparent Background

Pricing start at $0.39 cents

Making Transparent Background

Our image background removal service allows you to make transparent backgrounds for your photos. That means you can use the photos in your promotional materials and other digital assets without blocking important information. Images with transparent backgrounds are ideal for e-commerce websites, social media, and other designing projects, like product catalogs and brochures.

Pricing start at $0.49 cents

Making White and Colored Background

The photo background removal service can also be used to make white and colored backgrounds for your image. Depending on your brand theme and colors, you can use our photo editing service to customize your image background. Our experts are always dedicated to providing quality background removal services to make your photos stand out. Make your photos align with your brand theme by hiring our image editing service experts.

Making White and Colored Background


Isolate a Picture From an Unwanted Background

Pricing start at $0.59 cents

Isolate a Picture From an Unwanted Background

When businesses outsource background removal services to us, we assist isolate pictures from unwanted backgrounds. For example, e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon have specific requirements for their product photos. So, getting professional background removal services is crucial. You ensure that images have a professional look that perfectly represents your brand. Isolating pictures from unwanted backgrounds can also be done on personal photos, especially ones to be framed.

Pricing start at $0.99 cents

Edit Subject Matter and Context Separately

As a top background removal service provider, we help business edit the subject matter and context of an image separately. This is important when you want the image features to appear in a specific way. The background removal service allows you to edit the context and subject matter separately to suit your business goals. The subject matter will be placed in a context that appeals to the targeted audience.

Edit Subject Matter and Context Separately


Remove an Inadequate Subject

Pricing start at $0.59 cents

Remove an Inadequate Subject

The photo background removal service can also help in eliminating inadequate subjects. Removing an inadequate subject allows you to have a perfect shot without any distractions. With our proven abilities in offering image editing services, we promise to make your photo stand out by removing inadequate subject matter from photos. The service is ideal for wedding photos, where someone wants the focus of the image to stand out.

Pricing start at $0.99 cents

Remove Shadows From Photos

Our image background removal service also includes the elimination of shadows and dark areas from photos. Removing shadows from an image makes it clear and outstanding. It is also the basis of making the background uniform. The service category is ideal for e-commerce brands and digital businesses, especially those with active social media handles.

Remove Shadows From Photos


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Remove Background from images

Methods We Apply to Remove Background From Images

Our professional background removal service uses proven techniques to make your work stand out. We use clipping path and image masking leveraging the deft touch of our background removal professionals. Below we give you details of how these two processes work.

Using Clipping Path

Background Removal Using Clipping Path

Background Removal Using Clipping Path

The technique involves opening the image in Adobe Photoshop and drawing a clipping path around the subject matter. The latter function is used to select the background and remove it. The magic eraser tool is used to give the image the perfect look your desire. We have an adept photoshop background removal service team that guarantees quality service on any project they handle. Our goal is to create outstanding images to use on e-commerce websites, blogs, or social media.

Using Masking Path

Background Removal Using Masking Path

Background Removal Using Masking Path

With this technique, you have to use the mask workspace in Photoshop. The tool is effective because it has features to select and refine the edges of any image. You select the foreground elements using the Select Subject function. There is also a manual Quick Selection Tool that you can use for your image. Refine the selection using the brush tool or Quick Selection Tool while holding Alt. Refine the mask edge and output as a layer mask, then add a new background. Our background removal professionals have mastered these techniques and can help you get amazing images in less than 24 hours.


What Are the Advantages of Our Background Removal Services

There are many advantages businesses can get from using our background removal services. Besides getting low-cost background removal services, you will get high-quality images you can find nowhere else. Here are some of the advantages of our services:

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Who Need Photo Background Removing Services

There are many businesses that can benefit from our quality background removal services. Here is a highlight of who can benefit from us.


Cloth/Apparel Businesses

If you are a cloth or apparel brand, our background removal services can benefit you. We help the business stand out with high-quality photos and images with clear or white backgrounds.


Social Media Influencers

If you are a social media influencer, having clear and outstanding images is essential. Our background removal services will help you remove shadows and other unappealing elements from photos.


Kitchenware & Home Accessories Brands

Creating appealing photos with classic backgrounds is important for kitchenware businesses. Our background removal services ensure that you have outstanding images with no shadows. The service ensures that our product catalog stands outs from the crowd.


Fashion Designers

If you are a fashion designer, you need images with clear and appealing backgrounds. Our photo editing service guarantees high-quality images with attractive backgrounds.


Pet Stores

If you are selling pet products online, you need to have images with clear backgrounds. An appropriate image for product listing should have a white background to give prospects a clear focus on what they want to purchase. Our experts will help you remove clutter and shadows from your image to enhance conversions.


Amazon Sellers

Do you sell products on Amazon? If yes, you definitely need our background removal services. Amazon mandates sellers to have images with clear backgrounds. Using our affordable background removal services will guarantee quality images for your Amazon list.

Image Background Removal Services Start At $0.39/Per Image

Benefits of other services

How Can Background Removal Help Other Photoshop Services?

Photoshop is a powerful image-editing software that is used by photo editors and graphic designers. Removing backgrounds from photos can help other Photoshop services, like combining image subjects from different images into a single image, it also helps in photo retouching. If you need a single image that captures different image subjects, background removal can greatly assist. Our Masking Aid photo editing experts are ready to help you create outstanding images for your business.

Why Choose Our Background Removal Services?

We are the best background removal service company. With our services, you get quality photos at affordable prices. Here are some reasons you should choose our background removal services.

  • Get quality images for e-commerce websites like Amazon and eBay.
  • You can add realistic shadows to get a visually appealing look after removing distracting backgrounds from the images.

  • Get detailed images for increased conversions and sales.
  • Present model images for magazines and websites
  • Make unique backgrounds with multiple images for a web store or product catalog.

  • Get projects completed in under 24 hours
  • Express delivery for urgent tasks (under 2 hours)
  • Handle any project size (up to 5000 photos in 24 hours)

  • Always available to answer your questions
  • Follow-up on your project progress any time of the day
  • Get feedback on cost estimate

  • Affordable background removal services
  • Exclusive discounts on mass orders
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can qualify for an exclusive discount if you have mass photos to be edited. You will be eligible for up to a 30% discount if you order more than 3000 images in a month. Get in touch with our customer support team for guidance.

First, open Adobe Photoshop Premium Version and select the pen tool to remove an image background. The image is then clipped in its entirety. After properly clipping, we remove the products or any photographs background.

We constantly use a manual procedure to remove image backgrounds so that we can serve our customers with 100% quality.

There are multiple kinds and categories of photographs. The fee will be large if the picture complexity is high. The charge will be low if the picture’s complexity is low. Our background removal services typically cost between $0.39 and $10, depending on the service.

Yes. We have a team that is always ready to help you get quality image editing services on time. We can deliver within deadlines as short as 2 hours. Talk to us about your project to agree on the timelines.