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clipping path service
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Top-Notch Clipping Path Service That Makes Your Brands Stand Out

Welcome to our clipping path service! We are a team of highly-skilled graphic designers specializing in the creation of high-quality, top-notch clipping paths. Our goal is to provide our clients with precise and accurate cutouts of their images, allowing them to easily isolate and remove the backgrounds of their product photos and other images.

Our team has years of experience in the industry and utilizes up-to-date Adobe Photoshop software to ensure that every photo editing service we create meets the standards of the highest standards of quality. We pride ourselves on our keenness to detail and commitment to meeting our client’s needs. Whether you are a professional photographer, an e-commerce business owner, or simply looking to improve the look of your image(s) and achieve the perfect image cutouts – we can help.

Our clipping path services are affordable and efficient, and we offer fast turnaround times to ensure that you receive your edited images as quickly as possible.

Professional Services Extraordinaire

professional photo editing services that we offer

Welcome to our professional editing services! This session includes a variety of top notch service renditions including clipping path service, invisible ghost mannequin, color correction service, photo retouching service, drop shadow service, and image masking service.

clipping path service

we offer exclusive editing of imageries, portraits, and product photos using outstanding digitized clipping tools. Our ability to curate effective enhancements in glamour, background removal, and photo modification for your marketing materials and other projects makes us the best choice of clipping path service provider.

invisible mannequin of sweater

Our team of professionals in the editing craft has masterminded the concept of creating ghost mannequin effects – carefully positioning and photographing the wear(s) on a mannequin – and using photo editing software to remove them from final images at a low-cost.

ear ring before and after color correction

Adjusting colors of images and photos with rightful formats is one key specialization where our team of editors stands out. Do you need to adjust overall color balance, grade colors photographs, remove color casts, or match colors between your images? We are at the best of service for you.

retouched image of bath solution by Dr Teals

We are not limited to adjusting your photographs. Retouching your images (to correct flaws and imperfections with sound artistic effects) is also a core service we are excellent at providing.

shadow making before after comparison

Our shadow-making service offers a range of options for customizing the drop shadow of your images including the color, intensity, distance, and angle of the shadow. These image productions and enhancements would best fit every purpose – so far you have them analyzed to us descriptively.

image masking before after effect of a male model

Lastly, our teams’ technicality in handling image separations using layer masks, alpha channels, and even clipping paths as said above makes us your best-of-all image masking service providers.

These image editing services are designed to be flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs and preferences. We offer a range of packages to choose from, including basic touch-ups, custom projects, and advanced retouching. We dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction – working closely with you to ensure your edited photos and images meet expectations for the next level.

gorgeous looking blue color watch after retouched
nice looking brown color bag after retouching
  • apparel clipping path
Need for business and entrepreneurs

Photo editing services for online businesses and entrepreneurs

Here is an aspect of e-Business / online store – as one of our photo editing services – wherein edited photos of products generate leads and convert them to purchases and sales over the internet. Hence, payments for them are made digitally via various methods including Payeer, Payoneer, Paypal, and others.

MaskingAid specializes in enhancing and retouching product images, however standing as an online store or marketplace for them. With our professional team of editors and advanced tools, we can transform blurry images into sharp, vibrant, and eye-catching ones that will showcase your products in the best form. Further services include color correction, shadow creation, and image resizing to fit various platforms.
Simply upload your images, select your desired edits, and let us handle the rest. Expect your edited photos within 24-48 hours. Meanwhile, we also offer bulk discounts for larger orders.
Improve your product presentation and increase your sales X2 with our e-commerce photo editing services. Try it today and realize the difference.

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Pocket-Friendly Rate for Post Production Service

At MaskingAid, we ensure clients’ premium quality image services at an affordable price. Welcome to our post-production services!
We understand that budgets can be tight, especially when it comes to paying for high-quality content. That is why we offer budget-friend pricing options for all of our post-production services.
Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering top-notch images (as aforesaid), thereby enabling you to smile at your purse – even after a wild purchase. A few of these rates include:

Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide guidance throughout the process. Do not let a tight budget hold you back from having a high-quality image.

 Contact us today to learn more about our budget-friendly pricing options via email at [email protected] or dial the hotline at +1 (315) 215-3580 (you can request a free quote).

ghost mannequin effect
image editing with affordable price

budget-friendly pricing for post production service

At the maskingaid, we focus on two major factors, Quality, and Pricing. We ensure clients premium quality image editing services at an affordable rate.

clipping path price img
Clipping Path

Starting at $0.29 USD/image

bag retouching services price img
photo retouch

Starting at $0.39 USD/image

ghost mannequin price img
Ghost Mannequin

Starting at $1.10 USD/image

photo masking price img
photo masking

Starting at $0.45 USD/image

If you have any queries, we cordially request you to send us an email at [email protected] or contact us at  +1 (315) 215-3580 You can also request a free quote.

Best post-production company

Why Masking Aid is the best image editing service provider

Masking Aid offers top-quality Photoshop image editing services. In addition, Masking Aid has the best clipping path, color correction, high-end photo retouching, photo masking, and shadow-making services. We offer all of our services at very cheap rates. We are committed to meeting deadlines and delivering the task on time. With quality, we can edit over 2,000 images per day. To take care of your images, we have 100+ skilled editors. Client satisfaction is our main goal.

Our best practices

Why MaskingAid is exclusive and different from other brands

We are confident in our photo-cleaning and editing ability to make every detail of your image stand out. Our hand-drawn approach – aided by technology ensures your photos have excellent touches – precisely matching your descriptions, to achieve professional-quality results. Among many good deals, we assure you of:


Our team is staffed with professionals who have experience and knowledge in the fields (aforementioned). They are capable of using the latest editing software and techniques to make your photo(s) look their best.


Editing images could be time-consuming. Our photo editing service takes care of the editing for you – freeing up your time for other tasks.


You have earlier realized this (checking out our budget-friendly prices). You can get the result you want without mountain cost.

Satisfaction guaranteed:

We offer you a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you are happy with the final product – coming out exactly as you envision them.

Overall, MaskingAid photo editing service is the best option for anyone looking to enhance their photos and achieve a top-quality result that is yet affordable without the time and cost commitment of doing it themselves.

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Who do we cater to

We cater to your needs. Everyone is liable to benefit from All MaskingAid’s services. However, our target clients include


Describing the e-commerce photo editing service illustrates MaskingAid’s services towards e-commerce. Further beneficial arrangements involve reduced returns, improved product visualization, enhanced marketing efforts, and better search engine rankings through professional photos edited by us.

Advertisement Company:

Every firm that advertises products needs clear images to describe them. The goal of any advertisement is to effectively communicate a message which helps sell a product or service. Our functionality as an image editing corporation cuts in – providing excellent toning to every image used by these companies.

Interior Design Agencies:

Our qualitative approach to editing serves interior design agencies with quality photos as designs that can enhance their credibility, increase their reach, and improve their visual appeal – helping them to showcase designs in the best possible light to attract potential clients.

Fashion House

Beauty contests (as well as every fashion house’s programs) require massive use of qualitative imagery to spice up their ideation. Our services include helping them to select, produce, and edit images that match their willful descriptions. Professional photo editing can give fashion photos a polished and professional look, which can help to enhance the reputation and credibility of the fashion house.

Post-Production Agencies

We help post-production agencies produce high-quality, consistent, and creative visual content more efficiently by clearing out an achievable aesthetic or creative vision for their projects – offering a range of editing tools and techniques. By doing this, these agencies can free up time and resources to focus on other aspects of their business.


Our service helps photographers do less editing – focusing on their field (of photography). Serving as a means to save time, provide improved quality for their customers, lessen cost (in an attempt of paid tools), and granting their access to specialized skills in photo-taking. We are specialized in editing skills such as retouching, color grading, and compositing which can be useful for photographers who need specific edits or are working on a specific project.

2000+ Images Processed Daily

Need help with bulk image editing?

Person editing images(shoe) on a laptop
Once again, welcome to MaskingAid!

Why Masking Aid is your best choice

We understand that effective communication is crucial for the success of any business. That is why we work closely with you to ensure that we accurately deliver the right product. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you every step of the way. Whether you need help with simple tasks or complex photo edits, we are here to support you.

With our collaborative approach, you can be confident that your images are well-polished and professional, helping you succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Thank you for considering MaskingAid.Inc., and trusting us with your image editing services. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your business goals.

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Quality work, turnaround time, customer service, low-cost pricing, and assurance of specialties are reasons why you should subscribe to Masking Aid services.

The turnaround for edited photos can vary depending on the workload of Masking Aid Inc. Regardless; every work completion doesn’t exceed 48 hours.

Masking Aid key services include color correcting, cropping, retouching, compositing, creating montages, etc.

There is no risk(s) in working with Masking Aid. We are proven with owning copyright, and quality delivery, and we take data security seriously – in protecting your photos.