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Pricing start at $0.29 cents

Professional Clipping Path Service - Get Clean, Sharp Images

Images from a clipping path service can help you convince leads, showcase your range of products and make more sales. Putting up the best images can get tedious when you have to do the image clipping path of hundreds (or even thousands) of photos yourself. Outsource photo clipping services to take away all that stress.
No more hours of sitting with photoshop for you ! 
With our Masking Aid, you go for :

At Masking Aid, we are confident in our photo-cleaning ability to make every detail of your images stand out clearly. Our hand-drawn approach, aided by technology, ensures your photos have that personal touch you want. But it doesn’t have to be you sitting over a laptop trying to figure it out. Make your life easier and sell your products faster with the best kind of pictures.

Great Quality

We provide 100% handmade photo editing services to use Photoshop. So you will get great quality services.

24 Hours Delivery

We always try to deliver your order within 24 hours or less. Also, we provide express delivery like 2 hours.

Money Back Guarantee

If we are unable to edit your images then you will get 100% hassle free money back guarantee.
Why Use Clipping Path Services?

Make the Photos Yours

At Masking Aid, we believe that images help you get the best results from your site and social media pages.  Visual depiction of your products and brand goes a long way to endearing the hearts of your customers and potential customers.

However, taking professional pictures of everything on your social media pages or website can cost lots of money.  It makes sense to source images from the internet and edit them to suit your purposes. All you need is to choose your images, and we can help you personalize them with any of our range of services.  Maximize the use of your pictures with our background removal service, color enhancement, and photo retouching services

The game plan seems simple.  Get pictures that give a look you want to portray and edit them to suit your purposes.  What if the background of the pictures is not attractive?  Or are other things attached to the object that you want to showcase? Then, you need the best clipping path service provider.  We will help you outline and clip away any unnecessary additions to your product images. 

clipping path service

You are always welcome to test our services for free by trialing up to 3 images.

Clipping Path

What is a Clipping Path Service?

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Do you remember cutting out images from newspapers and magazines?  It took careful precision to ensure only the elements you want to remain.  Clipping path service is the online version of cutting out that unwanted friend. Clipping path is also known as deep etching, image clipping, photo cut-out, or closed vector path.  Whatever you decide to call it, the clipping path helps you manipulate the background and display the item on any background you choose.

This image editing service will help you sell your products better as an online business or store.  You can always change the settings of a product’s image and use it as often as you want.  You should give it a try today! Whether you are a growing studio or a high-volume studio, the use of invisible mannequin photography techniques can benefit your studio. Some benefits include:

Best clipping path and Photo editing service provider


Benefits of Clipping path service

At Masking Aid, we believe in serving our clients and not the other way around. We anticipate your every need and deliver exceptionally. Here are some of the very best parts of using our image clipping path service.

Reduced Editing Time

There are only 24 hours each day for everyone, and the multitude of tasks won't make you have any more than that. But you can save time editing product images to find the best pictures for Instagram and other media pages with our clipping path service.

Natural-Looking Product Images

Your product images need to look nice to attract the customers you need for your business to survive. Our clipping path outlines your picture to make it look natural on your pages.

Affordable Price Quotes

We understand that you have many expenses and don't want to invest all the money in editing. So, our prices are reasonable and fair. You should check it out!

Our outstanding services will help your Business Grow

Our Works Tells Our Expertise

Categories of Clipping Path Service

Not all image-clipping path services are the same.  The difference is in the details.

Pricing start at $0.29 cents

Basic clipping path

Objects with a basic round or square shape can easily be clipped, so they fall under this category. It is not hard to pick out the object's clipping path and have it against a plain black or white background for your use. Cups, balls, and plates fall within this category.
Despite the simplicity of these shapes, we don't use automatons or AI for these shapes. Even with these basic shapes, AI can fail, leaving us unhappy customers. So, we outline these basic shapes by hand to ensure the highest accuracy. Our trained graphic designers do not miss any detail.

Pricing start at $0.49 cents

Simple clipping path

A simple clipping path is a bit more complex than basic shapes. Though, it is not a detailed object like the complex ones. Your simple jewelry, vehicle, furniture, or clothing will fall into this category.
Things with holes, like your mug handle or some curves and edges, might take a little while to outline and fall into this category. Automatons and Al often miss these holes and curves, but a detailed graphic designer won't miss them. That's what you get when you use our service - someone who will ensure that every detail of your picture is properly done.

Pricing start at $0.59 cents

Complex clipping path

Objects with multiple holes, groups of products, images with varied transparency, and objects with complex edges fall into this category. It takes time to do the Photoshopclipping path of these images, and the editing process will take more time. The clipping path has to be done meticulously.
Our experts might have to create several clipping paths and then merge them to produce an optimal result. The skills required to do this clipping are not ones that a basic knowledge of Photoshop can achieve. So, let our expert graphic designers handle every aspect of the image clipping path for a perfectly outlined product image.

Pricing start at $0.99 cents

Super complex clipping path

A super complex clipping path takes care of your seemingly impossible product images. Images like the picture of a crate with several holes and edges or a shopping cart, for instance, will require a super complex clipping path.
A simple or complex clipping path will only make these images look weird and out of place. Product images like this need to be handled with care and precision if the picture will come out looking natural. Different techniques will be applied to ensure that every part of the object is outlined properly. Image masking might also be done to get it right.


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Who Needs Our Clipping Path Services?

We all love perfection. But perfection does not always mean you have to do it yourself. You might need to leave the clipping path of your business to professionals like us if you fall into these categories.


Professional Photographer

Capturing beautiful pictures of moments and objects is often a difficult enough task to accomplish. But the work can seem tedious to you when you think about the hundreds of edits you will need to do before you can present the pictures to clients. Let us take some of the load off with our clipping path service.


E-Commerce Retailer

When you sell your products online, the pictures that your clients see are everything that they have to make a choice. All the best sales copies in the world will do nothing if your product images don't look natural and inviting. With our photo-clipping path service, you can achieve that natural look.


Freelancer or Agency

With several deadlines and work, you can outsource the clipping path of your images. It will allow you to focus on other things in your agency.


Fashion House

You can't afford to look shabby online when looking good is your business. With our clipping path services, let us ensure that every part of your presentation looks good to your customers.


Booked Publisher or Animator

Animations and book cover also need designs and images that pop. With the myriad of tasks that a publisher or animator has, doing the clipping path of objects might not be the first thing on your mind. But a top-clipping path provider can help you take care of this part of the business.


Busy Graphics Designer

The graphics design industry requires a lot of creativity and editing to get the job right. When you have a lot to accomplish, editing can get in the way of your creativity. Let us spare you that problem with the best clipping path services.

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How We Help Your Business Grow

While you might be focused on many big things like marketing and advertising, you might forget to take care of how you present your organization to the world. With our clipping service, you don't have to worry too much about these tiny details.

At Masking Aid, we care about how your product images look and leave you to handle the other parts of your business. With our quality clipping path service, there would be no distractions or odd-looking images on your pages.

Why You Should Choose Us

Within 24 hours, you can expect your images. And no, we don't use any automatons and AI.

We do our clipping path by hand and only have the best designers working with us. These professionals understand Photoshop, and you can trust them to deliver.

We understand that you might not find it ideal to outsource photo-clipping services. But we are trustworthy and will deliver high-quality results. You don't also have to worry about confidentiality.

We are not those that do great work only some of the time. You can trust that the output will be great every time you use our services.

Our rates are not only fair. They are also far less than anything you will find anywhere in the industry. We provide affordable clipping path service.

Working Proccess

How We Handle Your Clipping Path

Upload Photos

Send us the images you want to work on

Write Instructions

Give specifics on the final product image you expect

Get Edited Photos

We send you the edited, clipped image in the requested format


You get to ask for a revision if you need any changes.

Our Answers

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, we offer other Photoshop services. You can come to us for your photo retouching service, ghost mannequin effect, color correction, background removal, and color enhancement.

The cost of our clipping path service depends on the category of clipping path you want to do.  Once you have sent your images, our professionals will evaluate the work needed and tell you the cost.

Yes, they are the same. Clipping path is also known as deep etching, multiple clipping paths, closed vector path, and closed vector shape.

The answer is simple. You have cleaner images which will lead to more conversions, and you save the time used for editing when you outsource clipping path.

We Are Committed to Editing Photos in Your Style And Improving Perfection.