Photo Retouching: The Secret to Flawless Product Images

Photo Retouching The Secret to Flawless Product Images

Have you ever seen a perfect eCommerce product photo? Most of us wonder how they can even create these fantastic product images. But the secret to flawless product images is Photo retouching. Today we are going to get in-depth into it. Put, photo retouching is the secret of perfect and spotless product images. Retouching photos lets you improve the product’s color, aesthetics, and appearance. It hides out any errors in the product images. Plus, it makes the product look more appealing.

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouching is a well-known process to improve image appearance. In photo retouching, we also manipulate our images to make them more attractive. For example, you should retouch your product image and remove all errors immediately. Retouching photos works like magic to transform an image in a short time. In the photo retouching process, almost every professional uses Photoshop. It’s the go-to software for photo retouching. Nonetheless, it would be best if you spent enough time mastering it. 

What is the difference between Photo Retouching and Editing?

There is a sharp difference between photo retouching and editing. First off, photo retouching is a form of image manipulation. Hence, in retouching, we alter image color, exposure, look and feel. During the process, your product image can be different from real life.On the other hand, image editing is a more straightforward process. During the image editing process, we don’t alter the actual color or shape of your product. Hence, we make the image perfect yet keep its original aesthetics the same. 

Note: Jewelry and fashion product retouching is the most famous example to check. These industries require photo retouching daily.

jewelry retouch

Benefits of Photo Retouching

We all know retouching photos is the secret to stunning product images. These benefits will convince you to try on photo retouching. Let’s closely look at these perks that come along with photo retouching.

Better Product Presentation

Want to improve your jewelry product images? Product photo retouching is the best way to go. Because it lets you hide out any scratches from the image. More so, it allows you to enhance the sparkle of the jewelry gems. As a result, the presentation becomes solid. On the other hand, with a better presentation, you could create fantastic marketing campaigns. Photo retouching also gives you an edge, so you should retouch your photos. No matter what kind of products you have, an excellent presentation helps you sell well.

Removes Errors

It removes all kinds of errors from your images right away. Errors occur mainly for camera noises. You can commonly find these two kinds of mistakes: the bias corresponding to systematic errors and the uncertainty corresponding to random errors. These errors make your image too disgusting to look at. Retouching your photo can solve this situation quickly. It can fix lighting, contrast, saturation, color contrast, mismatch in the delineation of a joint, product position, and related things. These points will give you a perfect, error-free smooth image.

Makes Product Attractive

In marketing, the first step to selling a product is attracting customers. A picture plays a vital role in drawing attention. A smooth and error-free picture gives a customer knowledge about the product. Also, a customer finds the product more desirable if the image is good. Photo retouching makes your path more smooth. It balances the brightness, color, and position of a product. It enhances every single detail, which helps to attract the customer in the first place.

Improves Conversion

It helps to improve conversion a lot. Sometimes a product needs to change to improve its quality. Features, structure, and many things. So it needs another photo session for marketing, leading to more marketing costs. Retouching technology helps reduce this kind of extra work as this technology can change and edit or photoshop a product’s image, which changes the product’s picture according to the present state. 

Higher Revenue

A perfect photo is crucial in improving or getting higher revenue. As we know, a good photo attracts more customers. Also, a clear picture makes a great impression about a product and its brand. Which helps famous brands sell more products and improve their financial condition. This technology is responsible for changing a brand’s financial sites.

Popular Photo Retouching Techniques for Product Images

Photo retouching involves various techniques that can help enhance the quality and visual appeal of product images. This section will explore some popular photo retouching techniques for product images.

1. Color Correction

Color correction is a photo retouching technique that involves adjusting the color balance of an image. It can improve color accuracy and consistency, making them look more attractive and appealing to customers. Color correction can also help remove color casts or unwanted hues from images and create a more natural and vibrant appearance.

color correction retouch

2. Background Removal and Replacement

Background removal and replacement is another popular photo retouching technique for product images. It involves removing the background of an image and replacing it with a more suitable and appealing one. Background removal can eliminate any distractions or unwanted elements from the photo, allowing the product to stand out more prominently. Replacing the background can also create a more uniform look for your product images, essential for maintaining consistency across your product catalog.

background removal with retouch

3. Product Clipping Path

A clipping path is a photo retouching technique that involves removing the background of a product image and creating a transparent background. It can create a more professional look for product images and make them more versatile for use in different marketing materials. A product clipping path can help highlight the product and remove any unwanted background elements, making it more attractive to customers.

product clipping with retouch

4. Skin Retouching

Skin retouching is a popular photo retouching technique for beauty and cosmetic products. It removes any blemishes, wrinkles, or imperfections from the skin, making it look smoother and more radiant. Skin retouching can help create a more attractive and appealing appearance for beauty and cosmetic products and can help increase sales and customer engagement. These are just a few popular photo retouching techniques used for product images. Each method has unique benefits and can help improve the visual appeal of product images, making them more attractive and appealing to customers.

skin retouch

How To Make Flawless Product Images ( Photoshop)

You could try out lots of ways to beautify any product picture. Here are some easy tips for you.

  1. The first step is to crop the photo you want to edit. Place an image and set the angle on position. Cut the extra sides and make them horizontal or vertical according to your purpose. Use a crop tool to crop. 
  2. The next important step is to adjust the balance. An unbalanced color tone can ruin a picture. So adjusting the white balance can improve the color tone ideally. Go to the color option and adjust by moving the option’s bar. 
  3. Now adjust the contrast. This is the range of brightness and darkness of a photo. It enhances the pictures in every detail by highlighting the essential sides and shadowing the unimportant sides. It could have a better number to use. Every image needs a different number of contrasts.
  4. Make a blur effect on the backside of the photo. It makes the product more focused. Also, sharpen the thing you want to focus on.

What Is The Best Photo Retouching App?

For Mobile

There are lots of photo editing apps available to retouch a photo. You can either buy or get a free one. This app will be best for you if you want to do it on your phone.
  1. TouchRetouch (iOS or Android)
  2. Photoshop Express Photo Editor (iTunes or Android)
  3. Fotor (iOS or Android)
  4. Pixelmator (iOS)
  5. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch(iOS or Android)

For PC

In case you work on Windows or Mac computer devices, having the below-mentioned software is a plus:
  1. Paint.NET – Best for Layer Editing.
  2. Photo Pos Pro – Best for Text.
  3. Adobe photoshop- to photoshop.
  4. InPixio Photo Studio – Best for Frames.
  5. GIMP – Best for Advanced Users.

Why Should You Go For Photo Retouching Service?

We have already explained why retouching a photo is so beneficial for us. As we know, it helps to give perfect and error-free images, attract customers, give more revenue, and many more. Photo retouching can be done on its own or with the help of any editor. You can edit by using any editing apps on your phone or laptop. But you can’t retouch such an editor. A professional person knows how to make a great picture. They will make an image more attractive, beautiful, and informative. So it would be best to go for photo retouching services rather than making it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Retouching and editing sound the same but are different in work and result. Retouching means adding some effects or polishing to make it more presentable. On the other hand, editing means additional transformation by using tools and various skills. For example, skin smoothing is retouching, and cropping is editing.

The leading five retouching tools are Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp, Healing Brush, Patch, and Color Replacement. These are popular Photoshop retouching tools. Hence, they always work magic to improve the aesthetics of any particular image.

Popular retouching techniques include shaping adjustment, resizing, and defect removal. These are the ones every professional uses. It all depends on the requirements of your photos. This is why you should check out your photos in an in-depth way.


We now know photo retouching is the secret behind flawless product images. Hence, it would be best if you tried out photo retouching. Either try it out yourself or have a professional do the job. In such cases, service providers come handy. Having good photo editing services in your projects is a lot beneficial. Because it immediately elevates your post-processing process, you must retouch your product images for better results. 

Joanna Silva is a graphic designer with over six years of experience, specializing in photo retouching. She's now part of the team at Masking Aid, where her skills in enhancing images shine. Known for her attention to detail, Joanna's expertise adds a touch of magic to every project she works on. Whether it's smoothing out imperfections or adding visual flair, she's the go-to person for making photos look their best.