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Flat lay clothing photography is a method of taking pictures of clothing and accessories from a bird’s-eye view, where the items are laid out on a flat surface and photographed from above. This style of photography is widely used in

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Low-light photography is a challenging art. It requires creativity and technical skills to capture compelling images in difficult conditions like low light. Exploring low-exposure photography has been a fascinating journey. It involves capturing images in darker settings, which opens up

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DIY Home Studio is important for creating high-quality product photography at home. Since, they are influencing both sales and customer satisfaction. But having a professional product photography is tough and costly in most of the cases yet it plays a

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What drew your attention when you clicked “Add to Cart” last time? Chances are, it was the visual allure of the product! So, the image of the product plays the most important role. However, beyond cameras and lenses, the key

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