Understanding Amazon Product Image Requirements: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Amazon Product Image Requirements

To succeed in your e-commerce, you must understand the image requirements. I have explained the entire Amazon product image requirements for your better understanding. Keep on reading, and you will get insights into it.

If you follow the basic product image requirements, your product will get better reach. More so, your product will get better sales as it will be better visible on the platform. So, let’s sneak peek into these requirements and rules you should obey.

Amazon Product Image Requirements At A Glance

Here’s a concise overview of Amazon’s product image requirements:

Size & Resolution:

Images should be at least 1000×1000 pixels for clear viewing. Images should be at least 1000×1000 pixels for clear viewing because this resolution provides enough detail to see the image clearly and avoid pixelation.


Use a clean, white background to highlight the product. A clean, white background will help highlight the product by making it the image’s focal point.


Accepted formats are JPEG and TIFF. The accepted formats for image files are JPEG and TIFF. JPEG is a lossy compression format, meaning some image data is lost during compression. On the other hand, TIFF is a lossless compression format, meaning no image data is lost during compression. This results in higher image quality, but TIFF files are typically more significant than JPEG files.

Color Accuracy:

Show the product’s true colors without filters. To show the product’s true colors without filters is to present it in its most authentic form. It means being honest about the product’s strengths and weaknesses and not trying to hide anything from potential customers.

Size & Scale:

The product should fill 85% of the image frame. The image’s primary focus should be the product, taking up 85% of the frame. The background should be simple and uncluttered, making the product easy to see and appreciate.


Include packaging, but keep the product distinct. The packaging should be eye-catching and memorable, but it should also be clear that the focus is on the product.


Display various angles to showcase details. To showcase details, it is crucial to display multiple angles. It means showing the object or scene from different perspectives so the viewer can fully understand it.

Additional Info:

Add infographics or charts to explain the features of your product on the online store. Adding infographics or diagrams to your online store can help you define the features of your product more visually and engagingly. It can be constructive for products that are complex or have a lot of features. Infographics and charts can help break down complex information into smaller, easier-to-understand chunks.


Avoid offensive, explicit, or deceptive content in your product listing for Amazon. When creating a product listing for Amazon, avoiding offensive, precise, or misleading content is essential. This includes content that is sexually suggestive, violent, or otherwise inappropriate. It also includes false or misleading content, such as making claims about the product that are not supported by evidence.


Use sharp, well-lit images—blurry pics won’t do. Using sharp, well-lit images is important when choosing images for your project. Blurry photos will not be compelling and will make your project look unprofessional.


Use meaningful file names for proper clarity for your product image. When naming your product image files, it is important to use meaningful file names to help you and others quickly and easily identify the image’s content quickly and easily. For example, instead of naming a file “image1.jpg,” you could name it “product-name-closeup.jpg.” This will make it clear what the image is of, even if you are looking at it months or years down the road.


Each product variant needs its image. Each product variant needs its image because it helps customers distinguish between different product versions. For example, if you have a product in two colors, you need two images for each color.

Amazon's Product Image Requirements

Amazon product image requirement means a specific guideline or standard sellers must follow while uploading their product photo on Amazon’s website. These requirements can be various aspects of the image, including sizes, quality, content, and presentation. The Amazon authority has set the requirements to make an efficient listing.

These requirements help maintain the overall aesthetics and professionalism of the Amazon online marketplace as the requirements aim to ensure that images accurately represent a product. A professional presentation can lead to a consistent and high-quality shopping experience.

Best Practices for Your Amazon Product Images

Let’s talk about all the practices.

Take Your Main Image Seriously

First impressions are one of the crucial things for online business. That’s why it’s essential to work on the main image. The main image is often the first impression, and the quality of it can significantly impact their purchasing decision. However, it also increases the click-through rate, conversion rate and reduces returns.

To make a compelling main image, first, invest in high-quality photography. Then, make sure that every product detail is precise in that picture. To make your product more focusable, turn the background completely white. As Amazon requires, your product must occupy 85 % of the image frame. Lastly, make the product color more vibrant. Things like product photo editing services will greatly help you in these situations.

Use The Available Image Space

Optimizing image spaces is crucial for sellers listing products on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Using available image space is vital to make a compelling listing. Using the open space can create a clear product image. The master class image captures customers’ attention and communicates critical information. 

First, optimize multiple images to showcase the product from various angles. This helps the customers to understand its features from every side. Then, dedicate some specific photos to highlight essential elements. The components can have unique characteristics, multiple modes, and functionality. Then zoom in on some particular parts and ensure perfect size and scale.

Add Lifestyle Images

Adding a lifestyle image is a successful strategy business owners use. It is a powerful way to engage customers and provide context on how a product can fit into real life. This helps customers to understand its benefits and find relevance in daily life. 

To utilize this strategy, first, choose a relevant scenario. Consider customers’ needs, interests, and lifestyles to make them relatable. Then, highlight benefits by showcasing their utility. You can use a model to represent the target audience. Then, demonstrate how the product can be used. You can make a story to visualize how your product enhances customers’ lives.

Add Helpful Text To Product Images

Adding helpful text can lead to a better understanding of a product’s features, details, and usage. As an e-commerce retailer, adding text can help to reach target sales. Though, it’s essential to make a balanced composition. The text should be informative and manageable for the image. 

First, choose some keywords that enhance features in minimum words. Customers should be able to understand those words. Select a font that is smaller in size and easy to read. Now, place the text where it doesn’t cover an essential part of the product. You can design the text by adding an appropriate background.

Show Special Product Features

You can add pictures that include products with unique features. The extraordinary images help the customer understand what sets your product apart. They quickly learn the unique features and feel relevant to their needs. It also increases sales and click rates. 

First, use close-up images which only include that vital feature. You can zoom in and add circles or bubbles to draw attention to that part. Add any consistent color to those circles to make them more focusable. Add some short text beside them to describe those features. Either you can overlay graphics to highlight that particular part.

Add Instructional Photo

Adding an instructive photo of your product provides valuable guidance to customers. The image gives customers instructions about how to use that product correctly. A clear and informative picture reduces confusion. Also, customers trust to purchase your product. 

First, create a series that includes a step-by-step process. Arrange the instructional images in a logical sequence. Add arrows, numbers, or labels to indicate specific parts, bottoms, and actions. Either add text instructions beside every point. Make sure to understand the description. Try to make a consistent style to create a consistent vibe.

Hire A Professional Photo Editor

Editing is crucial for any picture. It helps to enhance its details. Hiring a professional editor can be a good decision for a retailer. The editor has the expertise to retouch and optimize images. The retouching will make your product pictures more appealing and attractive, leading to more sales. Editors will apply those techniques that have been successful in boosting business. 

You can either hire an editor or an entire team. There are many photo retouching service providers available around the world. Choose those providers who have a vast number of professionals. You can look at customers’ reviews to get an idea about their service. Then take a free trial to gain experience.

Improve Your Amazon Product Images

Improving Amazon’s product image is vital to beat the brutal competition. Improving your photo can attract customers and generate good sales. It boosts sales, makes an organizing list, improves the shopping experience, and enhances the brand’s credibility. 

Amazon’s picture requirement provides a guideline for a good product picture. As a retailer, you should follow the instructions. Make sure your picture’s quality and clarity are good enough. Invest in professional photography and editing. At Least invest in the main image to make a great impression on customers. Use text instruction, showcase from various angles, and highlight some parts.


Online selling platforms like Amazon are a blessing for every e-commerce retailer. Those who can’t afford a shop or own a website can freely start a business from Amazon. But to be a successful business owner, following some requirements and guidelines is mandatory. These guidelines help you generate more sales, attract customers, and make more money. 

You can follow the conditions given by Amazon’s authorities. Make sure that size, resolution, and image format are accurate. This helps to showcase your product accurately. Try to invest some in pictures to improve their quality. Lastly, provide a product and be honest about the business. One day, your business will be successful.